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Good news at last.


Apologies to all for the short hiatus and the lack of posts. We have been and continue to be very busy as a result of our making the final 20 of the Telefonica/Wayra program in Dublin. We’ve managed to get this far from an entry of over 300 applicants. They now choose 10 from the final 20 to go forward to their acceleration program.

What it would give us is a turbo shot in the arm and allow us to scale much quicker than we might otherwise.

However that is for another day. So down to business. The good news across the UK and Ireland is surely the positive impact we had from the good summer. Retail sales up and a more positive optimistic consumer. So how do we build on that? Well as always we would be evangelical on “accentuating the positives” as the song goes. Did you know that in the UK more independent retailers opened their doors in 2011 than closed? This at the height of the current downturn. Did you know that in the clothing and footwear sectors over 85% of all business transacted is still in store.

Yet we all know that eCommerce is the exciting growth area and is set for double digit growth right up to 2020. So I believe there are some very exciting opportunities open to independent retail and they’re just around the corner.

What we are about to do is bring a low cost low tech solution which will allow any independent retailer do business online. We will give a retailer their own personalised URL allowing them to promote their brand to their local loyal customer base. In addition we’ll promote their brand on a much larger marketplace aimed at a national and international customer base.

The future is not high street or eCommerce, it’s not free delivery or click and collect in store. It is as always in life a mixture of many different options. In fact this is best for all concerned as it delivers convenience and options to the most important people involved in all of this, that’s right the CUSTOMER.

Embrace the change and pick and choose the pieces that best fit and benefit your business. If you do this with the Customer in mind I don’t think we can go far wrong. The future is as yet unwritten so why not set about writing your own. We are very focused on a strength in numbers and cooperative approach. Together independent high street retailers are force to be reckoned with.

Lastly some really good news as regards Stylefinch….We made Telefonica/Wayra. This is a big seal of approval and will allow us to set about taking over the world one store at a time. Lets go!



CEO of COVA a new and innovative approach to eCommerce. We see independent retail as a community and want to leverage all the strengths and advantages in the sector to increase revenues, brand awareness and footfall. I believe eCommerce can play a major role in protecting our independent retailers and thus protect our high streets and towns. Independent retail is a vital social element of towns and cities across the world and we aim to get that message across. We love independent retail and we intend to ensure it becomes the dominant retail force as we look to marry the eCommerce world and the brick and mortar world. It's not just business it's personal.

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